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New Audio Infrastructure

Digital Signal Processor with Touch Screen

100+ Events a Year



"You have to trust the people that install it. That they know what your needs are.... that's what they did for us."

Milestones in our life are honored through celebration. Births, graduations, weddings, etc. Events like these are made special at Fresh Air Farm. With unique experiences created by natural surroundings, the 100 year old barn and the 1961 Airstream will make each event unforgettable. 

Planning and executing an event is a full time job. Those who take on this role must make sure their catering is on time, your seating is properly arranged and most of all your sound system is working.


"If you're in an event and something goes wrong with a critical aspect, like sound, there's no redo" states Renee McDougal, owner.


After hearing the frustrations of her clients trying to use the system, Renee decided that her current system was too complex to navigate effectively. She enlisted AV Solutions to help her find a user friendly alternative.

AV Solutions added a brand new digital signal processor with touch screen capabilities and a new audio infrastructure. This made connections easier for clients operating the system. No sound boards to break or control knobs overwhelming the guests. Brides can simply plug in their iPods and go.

"We are ecstatic with the results. I would recommend them to any small, medium, large size business that is looking for a sound system that is customizable to their needs with amazing follow up service." states Renee. 

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