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KC Ballet

Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816.931.2232

Self Climbing Truss

6 Rehearsal Spaces

Dance Theater with Audio & Lights



"I can call them in a moment's notice and if it's something they can accomplish on my budget, they certainly will."

The KC Ballet moved into the newly renovated Union Station Power House in August of 2011 and named it the Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity. In converting the building, the challenge lay in preserving the historic architecture while adapting it to the modern needs of the ballet. A chimney base was converted into an arched passageway, coal hoppers to dressing rooms and boiler rooms to dance studios. The ballet knew that they wanted an AV system that could be expanded and upgraded as needed, so they turned to AV Solutions for guidance early on in the process. 

To keep the creativity flowing throughout the building, AV Solutions added elements that were unique and functional. In the main studio/event space self climbing truss is hung from the ceiling for ease of access and to quickly change from a rehearsal to a performance space. Mobile AV systems are in place in the various rehearsal spaces for flexibility between classes. A full intercom and PA system encompass the large facility. 

"They [AV Solutions] of course came through with flying colors. Since day one when we opened we have not had any problems. They have been very responsive. If questions have arised, 'I don't remember how to...' or 'What do we do if...', there is never a delay in someone getting back to us." Amy Taylor, KC Ballet Production Manager.

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