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Kansas City, Missouri |

1020 Central St, Kansas City, MO, 64105

“Everyone on the team was committed to the success of the project..."


  • Marshall Cameras

  • QSC Q-Sys Audio DSP

  • NCast Video Streaming 

  • Hitachi Projectors

  • Shure Wireless



For over 40 years, Central Exchange has been uniting, empowering, and educating female professionals in the greater Kansas City area. Having been at their downtown office since 1977, they have consistently hosted programs and networking events in their space, giving members the opportunities to grow professionally and personally.


With membership growing over the past year, Central Exchange found themselves needing to make changes to accommodate their increasing audience. “The quality of the AV equipment that we were working with in the past was very archaic.” says President Courtney Thomas.


Equipment was dated, making it difficult for presenters to effectively communicate with the attending audience. “The clarity of the screen for us was huge. Now, everything is clear and crisp and now we can cater to larger audiences in our space, with them able to see and engage more effectively.” says Thomas.


Central Exchange recognized the current trends in the AV industry, and saw the increasing need for not only relevancy, but also innovation. “We are hoping to now begin to stream our programs to our members who might not be able to attend at our office, and to reach out to non-members with watch parties, etc.” says Thomas.

In addition to installing Hitachi projectors to their main meeting room, AV Solutions installed two wall-fixed Marshall Cameras and NCast Video Streaming capabilities to better meet their online audience. 


Thomas had a positive, professional history working with Harvest’s live event production team in the past, which influenced her decision to work with a Harvest team again for Central Exchange's AV installation project.


“Everyone on the team was committed to the success of this project, and the experience as a whole was a positive one.” says Thomas.


Thomas says she looks forward to working with the AV Solutions team in the future as they continually develop their space to better serve their members.

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