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Overland Park, Kansas I

12345 College Blvd Overland Park, KS, 66210


  • d&b audiotechnik Y-series

  • d&b audiotechnik front fills

Johnson County Community College’s Carlsen Center carries a long history of utilizing its state-of-the-art space for music and theatre education, while also hosting international tours and performing acts - bringing culture and excellence to the Johnson County community.

Located within the Carlsen Center is Yardley Hall, the building’s largest theatre space with a seating capacity of 1,250.

In recent years, the demand for excellence within Yardley was growing significantly, and the level of audio quality during performances was their main point of concern. When using the outdated speaker system in the space to deliver sound to the whole room, audiences could not hear properly, some even walking out in frustration.

Scott Gregory, Chief Audio Engineer and instructor at JCCC, has operated the space for nearly 20 years, and has championed their efforts for improvement.

“We have been renting d&b audiotechnik line array systems from Harvest [Productions] for years, for touring shows and major performances, and were already in love with the results...”, says Gregory.

Gregory knew that it was time to invest in their own high-grade system, and turned to AV Solutions to help integrate a d&b Y-series line array system with front fills.

“You know when you are working with people who have a high level of experience.

There is an amount of confidence in your work and decisions… We want the audience to be fully immersed in the performance, and for the elements of the audio to seem so seamless that it almost goes unnoticed… The difference in the sound now is night and day.”

He says the results of the investment has exceeded his expectations, and he looks forward to enhancing the community’s experience of world-class performances with superior audio quality.

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