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  • Extron control systems w/ video switching & protocol delivery.

  • QSC apmlification

  • LG displays

  • Atlas ceiling speakers

  • QSC digital signal processing - DSP.

In the process of integrating top-grade audio visual equipment, there are many standards to uphold. Safety, functionality, adaptability, but above all, security; and when security is your project’s top priority, you cannot be too careful.

While designing a conference room within one of the United State's Armed Forces' top facilities, it was important to make the the room functional for two purposes: in-room conferencing, and external high-security communication. Not only is the system functional within the confined space of the facility, but officials can trust that the information that is being communicated outside of the building is secure. In the room, there are two cameras operating on two video codecs - one un-secure, and one high security, all done over fiber optic cable. Any image, camera, or source can be sent to any of the six displays in the room.

Officials and leaders within the Armed Forces can trust that the information communicated on a national level is being done so in the most secure way possible.

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