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Falls City, Nebraska I

312 W 17th St, Falls City, NE, 68355


  • Shure QLXD Wireless

  • QSC Qsys Digital Signal Processing

  • Allen & Heath QU Series Digital Console

  • QSC Amplifiers

  • Community V-Series Speakers

Prichard Auditorium as been a long-standing community space in the rural, yet tight-nit community of Falls City, Nebraska. This versatile space is the location of choice for most major events that occur in Falls City, Southeast Nebraska, and the three-state region. ​

"This space has been used for events ranging from wedding receptions, to school fundraisers, to basketball games, as well as tours from out of the local area." says Gary Jorn, City Administrator. 


Prichard was built in the 1930's, with a large renovation occurring in 2000. But, staff at The City of Falls City soon found that the space's audiovisual systems were not meeting the needs and capabilities for the wide variety of events hosted in the space. 

"When the schools would have their Spring or Christmas programs, I would have to transport separate speakers because the ones here (Prichard) were of low-quality. That's when I started to realize we needed something better for the whole community's benefit." says Robin Ankrom. 

Prichard needed a permanent system that could function well, and serve the community within the space for years to come. AV Solutions helped to make their mission successful by integrating a custom, all-new audio system including QSC amplifiers and Community V-Series Speakers. 

"The results of the new system has surpassed what we had initially expected. You can stand anywhere in the space, and the sound quality stays the same."​ says Ankrom. 

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