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d&b audiotechnik

audio system

V-Series Line Array

Monitors, Front Fills, Side Fills, Subs.



"All details came together, and we are now at such a higher level of excellence." 

City Center Church has a long standing history of multiculturalism and diversity within their congregation and services. Hoping to continue this tradition, Matt Purkey took over as lead pastor, following in his father's footsteps. With that came a major rebranding, including a name change and technology updates, upgrading three different sound systems within the building. The church was known for their powerful worship services, and no one wanted that to change. 


Before the church's rebranding and work with AV Solutions, a sound system was installed in the main auditorium. Leadership and the church body were very hopeful to put it to use. But, unfortunately, due to poor design and installation from another AV company, the spoken word was almost inaudible and the worship sounded broken. Guests couldn’t hear the sermon, and leadership knew that the fix for the system had to work.


Over three years passed without a technical director on staff. Luke Weese, Outreach, Missions & Volunteer Pastor, came on staff in April of 2016. Seeing a technical need, he stepped in to get the project moving, working with AV Solutions to restructure the audio systems. 


The church's youth auditorium and multi-purpose room received new speaker systems consisting of Community speakers, QSC amplification, and QSC processing. The main auditorium also received a new audio system consisting of Shure Axient digital wireless microphones, Yamaha CL5 digital console, d&b audiotechnik sound system consisting of V-Series line arrays, subs, front fills, side fills, and monitors. 


City Center initially sought out help with their audio system, but seeing the need for more elements in their spaces, they ended up installing more than what was expected. "There was stuff that we decided to add on, but it was never pushed or forced onto us. We never felt manipulated for a sale." says Weese.


Upon AV Solutions recommendation, City Center worked with Illusions Unlimited Productions, to expand the stage to almost twice the original footprint. Afterwards, the church decided that 16’x9’ projection screens and Digital Projection laser projectors would be installed as well.


"Some main reasons we went with AV Solutions was our high value on relationships, and our need to go with a local company. They catered around what we could afford, and the follow up was never a problem." says Weese. 


The church’s motto is “life happens, don’t do it alone”, and we are happy to be working alongside City Center to help achieve their technical goals.

"I am always happy to recommend AV Solutions to others seeking help. If we can work together to help other organizations be successful in the future with their work, that's what it is all about." says Weese.

Stage expansion

16'x9' projection screens

Digital Laser projectors

d&b audiotechnik

audio system

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