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New HD Bulb and Laser Projection

New Projection Screens

New Digital Signal Processing




"Never felt like business, more of a friendship"

The First Baptist Church of Raytown had been at its main location for years, and in 2016, the time had come for some change and updating. They then embarked on a journey that lead to changes in personnel, aesthetics, impact on the community and even their name, Connection Point Church. They even expanded to a second location in Lee's Summit; Connection Point Church - Lee's Summit.

Seeing is believing. Some noticeable visual aspects in the renovation was new paint, signage, directional signs and new logo placement. Another area to upgrade was what they couldn't see. With such a large worship hall, their current 4x3 ratio screen made it difficult to display images and sermon notes properly for all to see. AV Solutions stepped in with the answer in the form of two new 16x9 ratio screens on each side of the original 4x3. "Being able to see is key." says Scott Partridge, media director, "We love how creative we can be now."

The new changes have made a huge impact on the church and the community. Change is not always easy, but when you can see the difference, it makes it easier.

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