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Overland Park, Kansas I

12345 College Blvd Overland Park, KS, 66210


  • d&b audiotechnik Y-series 

  • d&b Audiotechnik 30D amplifiers

  • Yamaha QL1 digital console

  • Full LED Lighting System

  • d&b audiotechnik B22 subwoofers

Opening in 1937, The Kansas City Music Hall has been a long established venue in the surrounding community, located in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Municipal Auditorium was the first building built as part of the "Ten-Year Plan", a bond program in 1931. The Music Hall stage hosts numerous events, tours and concerts each year, but they continued to see that their AV systems were quickly becoming outdated.

“It was time for a much needed upgrade.”, say Matt Cunningham, Assistant General Manager at the Kansas City Convention Center and Music Hall.

The lighting system in the building was still utilizing older, glass light bulbs. Fixtures were constantly burning out. The Music Hall team worked alongside AV Solutions to integrate a state-of the-art LED lighting system, with fixtures that have longer lasting life-spans and are more energy efficient.

In addition to this, the venue’s audio system was updated with an all-new d&b audiotechnik line-array system.

With the two updates combined, the venue became even more attractive than before. Audience members were consistently happier with the experience they received.

With the space continuing to host theatre tours, dance groups and graduations, there has been noticeable improvement. “The sound quality is immaculate”, says Cunningham.

“Not only was the install process flawless, but the AV Solutions team will still reach out to us for tweaks to check-in… Jason will bring up issues that he sees can be fixed to ultimately make the system more excellent.”, says Cunningham.

With a full event calendar for the year ahead, the Kansas City Music Hall is attracting attention and adding culture to downtown Kansas City and the surrounding community.

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